Napoleon Press Release


Press Release: November 15, 2011

Bryan Keller, CEO of Keller Logistics Group based in Defiance, Ohio announced today that he has purchased the assets of the former TMT Warehouse located on County Road 12, Harrison Township, Napoleon, Ohio.

The 410,000 sq. ft warehouse facility and 6-bay truck shop located on close to 40 acres of what was formerly called the Southpoint Industrial Park, has been purchased and will be operated as "Keller Packaging of Napoleon, Inc." as of Tuesday, November 15th. With this addition, Keller now operates in excess of a million square feet of space in three states.
The Napoleon facility employs close to 60 associates, most of which will be re-hired by the newly formed "Keller Packaging of Napoleon, Inc."
The deal closed today with the signing of the paperwork and final transactions at the Defiance Law Offices of Clemens, Korhn, Liming, and Warncke, Ltd. Brenda Ray, Esq.,CPA, a partner in the Toledo law office of Brady, Coyle & Schmidt, Ltd. was instrumental working with Mr. Keller to step through the process of acquiring the Napoleon facility.
First Federal Bank of the Midwest, based in Defiance, Ohio provided the financing for the purchase. The Henry County CIC, along with the Henry County Commissioners worked together to welcome the 33 year-old Defiance Corporation to its first Henry County based operation and to re-assign the existing Enterprise Zone Agreements to the new company.

Keller plans to use his new asset to provide additional support for his current operations which have been servicing the Campbell Soup Company and Silgan Container Company for several years. With this new acquisition, Keller now has re-pack and secondary pack capability at the Napoleon facility and will be marketing it aggressively.

The Keller Logistics Group, has brokerage and warehouse operations in Dallas, Texas; Jacksonville, Fl.; Maumee, OH.; and Plainfield, IL.

Keller Logistics Group also owns Thomas E. Keller Trucking which operates 115 power units along with a fleet of over 400 van trailers. Keller uses specialized tractor-trailer combinations with lighter construction to haul loads of up to 53,000 pounds while staying under the gross vehicle weight limit. This not only reduces the shipping cost per unit, it's also a greener solution. Customers can ship more product per load and lessen the total number of trucks needed to move their goods.

With this latest addition, Keller will employ over 260 team members and professional drivers.