Whether your shipments are local, regional or across the country, Keller Trucking moves your goods safely and efficiently.

Keller Trucking

When we were first founded in 1978, Keller Trucking had a single tractor-trailer.

Over the last 33 years, we’ve grown our fleet to include 115 tractors and 360 van trailers, and we specialize in hauling commodities such as building materials, food, retail, automotive, glass and steel products. We even have specialized lightweight tractor/trailer equipment that allows us to haul up to 53,000 lbs. of cargo, which reduces your shipping cost per unit and provides your company with a greener shipping solution.

We’ve also added a variety of complementary services, including warehousing, brokerage and courier services to become your total logistics solutions provider.

We operate in all 48 contiguous states with an emphasis on our Strategic Operating Zone.
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • York, PA
  • Maxton, NC
  • Bennettsville, SC
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Shelby, IA
  • Chicago, IL

Additionally, we offer strategic locations to facilitate the most efficient transfer of goods possible.

  • Ypsilanti, MI (replaced Taylor, MI)
  • Effingham, IL
  • Falls Creek, PA
  • Barkeyville, PA
  • Findlay, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Muskogee, OK
  • Fort Wayne, IN


Within this region, we have the truck density to move your goods at competitive prices and give you the confidence that a Keller Truck will be there when you need it. But no matter where your goods take us, the Keller Trucking motto is “Time may be money, but life is priceless.”

We have a stellar safety record, our CSA scores are among the highest in the industry, and all of our tractors are outfitted with electronic on board recorders (EOBR) to ensure that our professional drivers operate safely and deliver our customer’s freight on time and damage free.

Here are just a few reasons people choose Keller Trucking services for their freight transportation needs:

  • We’re 100% compliant with DOT regulations to minimize risk to customer assets and maximize safety.
  • We carry $250,000 cargo insurance.
  • We utilize satellite tracking on tractors & trailers to monitor goods and activity.
  • All of our tractors have EOBRs installed.
  • We have Over 30 years in the transportation industry.We’re bonded by U.S. Customs for custodial international surface transportation.
  • We carry PIP, C-TPAT, FAST and CSA certifications to minimize Canadian border delays.
  • We’re CSA compliant to ensure the safety of our drivers and your goods.
  • We’ve achieved and maintained the highest safety rating issued by the USDOT.

Call Aaron Keller at 419-785-3208 to learn more about how our trucking services can improve your bottom line today.