Lightweight Tractor-Trailer Combinations

Do you have high volume regional lanes that involve heavy commodities? Wouldn’t it be more convenient and cost-effective to ship larger loads?

With Keller, you can.

We use specialized tractor-trailer combinations with lighter construction to haul loads of up to 53,000 pounds while staying under the gross vehicle weight limit.This not only reduces your shipping cost per unit, it’s also a greener solution. When you can ship more product per load, you lessen the total number of trucks you need to move your goods.

Fewer total loads means:

  • Less overall loading time/dock times
  • Less paperwork
  • Increased productivity
  • Less truck traffic
  • Fewer labor hours
  • Less work for freight auditing
  • Lower fuel surcharge
  • Lower line haul cost
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Lower per pound/unit cost

Our uniquely designed International 8600 tractor combines lightweight durability and efficiency into one unbeatable package when hooked to a specialized lightweight plate trailer. With this package, we can haul up to 53,000 lbs!

The 8600 also features the latest EPA technology, including the cleanest burning engine available, as well as trailers equipped with super single tires, so our trucks achieve maximum fuel efficiency to minimize our carbon footprint.

Call Aaron Keller at 419-785-3208 and ask our trucking experts how our lightweight equipment can save your company time, money, and environmental resources today